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What is lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in the males. It develops from the cells of the lungs and thus the lungs which are the most essential and sensitive body organs are affected the first. The lungs are situated in the chest behind the ribs which protects them. Lungs carry out the most essential and vital process of breathing and respiration in the body without which no living thing can survive.

Lung Cancers are of two major types which include the non-small cell lung cancer which is known to be the most commonly prevailing lung cancer. The other type is the small cell lung cancer. Each of the two types is dangerous because the lung cancers in general do not have any special cure.

The most common cause of the lung cancer is the long-term smoking because of which it is more common in men than women. It can also prevail in people who are constantly exposed to pollution and inhalation of harmful gases which affect the lung. Lung cancer does not develop instantly; it takes time and mostly comes in its full bloom in the old age when there has been a maximum exposure of the lungs to such toxicity.

The on-set of the lung cancers takes place in the small tubes in the lungs which start from the main tube of the trachea to the bronchi and bronchioles. Bronchioles are the first to be affected in the lung cancers together with the small balloon like structures, the alveoli which are vital for the process of respiration.


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